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June 2023


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Ironguys mission is underway to place one million bibles into the hands of law enforcement officers across America and abroad.

And you can place a bible in the hands of law enforcement officers in your community!

Ironguys will laser-engrave the law enforcement officers name on the front of the bible. And, on the inside cover,
a Christian peace officer can write a personal, handwritten note to each peace officer
receiving the bible.

The IRONGUYS Law Enforcement Bible (in NKJV format) has been written and crafted specifically for the law enforcement officer with our motto:

To view the specific Law Enforcement preface for the Ironguys bible,
click this link:

How to receive bibles

If you would like to receive a supply of the IRONGUYS Law Enforcement Bibles at no cost to you whatsoever, please see guidelines below.

In order to help those who would like to distribute the IRONGUYS BIBLES to cops in your community, we would suggest the following:

 1. Find a law enforcement agency to whom you would like to distribute bibles
 2. Obtain a list of the names of SWORN peace officers (first and last name only, no title or rank) and email them to
 3. Ironguys will laser engrave the peace officer's name on the front cover
 4. Ironguys will then mail the bibles (NKJV) to you at NO COST

 Once you receive the bibles:

 1. Assign someone to be the lead contact person to distribute the bibles.
 2. Find a chaplain or Christian officer within each respective agency who can distribute the bibles to their members.
 3. Prayerfully select a group of mature Christian cops who can write biblically uplifting notes to other cops on the blank inside cover page of the bibles.
 4. Before you write the note, please pray that each note would be specific for the law enforcement officer to whom you are writing.
 5. As the Lord leads each officer writing the note in the bible, pray that you may be given a particular scripture for that officer. You may wish to highlight it with a marker and then place the ribbon page marker on that page and refer the officer to that page number in your handwritten note.
 6. Once completed, you can deliver the bibles to your department chaplain or Christian officer and then pray over the bibles before distribution.



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