About Project Blue Line



About Project Blue Line

PROJECT BLUE LINE, a branch of Ironguys Law Enforcement Ministries, Ironguys, was brought to fruition to encourage the prayerful support of the men and women of law enforcement across the globe. Over the years, Ironguys has collaborated with many like-minded prayer warriors and groups who regularly pray for fallen and injured peace officers. But why do we only pray after a peace officer has been injured, wounded or has fallen? In taking a lesson from United States Prayer Force organized by Pastor Mike Macintosh, IRONGUYS would like to introduce PROJECT BLUE LINE--to proactively encourage others to support the law enforcement community with daily prayer.

There are 1,247,466 Law enforcement officers in these five countries as follow:

Australia: 65,000
Canada: 70,566
Great Britain: 171,000
New Zealand: 12,000
United States
: 928,900

Did you know just in the United State alone, 378 U.S. law enforcement officers were shot in the line of duty of which an additional 47 died in vehicle-related fatalities. Furthermore, countless other peace officers across the U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand have also suffered a multitude of injuries which never made the news such as cuts, scrape, abrasions, bruises, broken bones and especially, emotional trauma.

Project Blue Line is simply asking you to pray daily for a law enforcement officers in you city, state, province or country.

And should you wish to mail them a letter telling them you are praying for them, you could do that, too.

For more specific details what you can do, go to this link

Please PRAY FOR your Law Enforcement Officers everywhere


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